App Development


We develop various applications from those released on Apple's AppStore and Google's Google Play to web applications. Recently, we feel that the general public has come to recognize that a website is also an application. We propose a work life that is one step ahead of the rest by utilizing apps.

We believe that apps should be nurtured. Even if the initial release is not a big deal, we would be happy to create and work with you to express your company's passion in the app using established technology. The important thing is to be able to update it yourself little by little. It costs a lot of money for a development company like us to maintain it, but if you can maintain it yourself, you can use established technology to take your app in the direction you want to go. We are here to help you develop your apps.

World Wide Development Style

Since the iPhone's debut in 2007, we have been developing applications to be displayed on Apple's App Store and Google's Google Play. Currently, we are developing apps by connecting with developers in the United States, Canada, Germany, and Serbia in a virtual space.

App Store - Apple

We create apps that run on iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS from scratch, including individual components, according to customer requests.

We will also respond to your request to create your own iPhone application. Why don't you put your idea out into the world with your own hands? We are planning to start an iPhone app creation camp course in the fall of 2022.

Google Play - Google

In Android development, we have shifted to using the latest version of Compose, and I am sure that the individual components that take advantage of the characteristics of Android will promote the automation of your company.

We are planning to start an Android application creation camp course for those who say they want to try their hand at an application that runs on their own Android phone. fall 2022.

Web Application - Home Page

The hottest focus right now is on web apps. We offer a wide range of solutions from simple WordPress websites to full-fledged web apps using Ruby on Rails, React, Node.js, etc., according to the needs of our customers.

In particular, with our WordPress training camp course, in as little as one week, we will create your company's web presence on our servers and teach your employees how to update and upgrade it.

We can accommodate requests for renewal of existing WordPress and other services that you would like to have your employees learn and do in-house.

The WordPress camp course will start in Fall 2022.

iPhone、iPad、App Storeは、米国および他の国々で登録されたApple Inc.の商標です。 
Android、Google Playは、米国および他の国々で登録されたGoogle inc.の商標です。

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