By utilizing search engines
We propose web development that makes money.

Websites have become a major part of the business and have become indispensable to the operation of a company, and from our first page in 1991 to the present, our stance has remained the same: "Let the website play a role in your business.

I want to sell products on my website, but can I sell them?

It depends on the merchandise. For items such as antiques, we will direct them to our website while using auctions and Mercari in tandem.

For groceries, many of them have actual stores, so the website will be designed to lead customers to the actual stores. We will start with only those items that will last for a long time, and gradually expand the range of our services while reducing the burden on the person in charge of the order. If the person in charge of the product is not able to upload photos to Instagram frequently, the product will not sell well. On the other hand, if the person in charge of the product is a fan of the product, it is likely to lead to good results if you give it a try.

It takes some time for products introduced on the website and Instagram to start selling. It is better to use instagram as a test while selling in the actual store. To sell in an instant, use influencers, etc., but since sales often stop in an instant, aim for word-of-mouth so that the product becomes a long hit. In the end, your profit margin will be higher. It is also a good idea to offer some kind of gift to those who post reviews.

When selling something on your website, you also need to make a sales effort. Once you have the first one, you just need to increase it gradually. Be modest, but increase word of mouth.

What is the annual maintenance cost of the website?

It depends on whether we manage the server or you contract directly with the server company.

First, if we manage the server for you. The annual fee is 33,000 yen including domain renewal fee, tax included. We will update the internal programs twice a year, etc. There is also a 120,000 yen per year course for renewal once every three years.

If you deal directly with the server company, Sakura Server is the cheapest, at less than 10,000 yen per year, including annual domain renewal fees, and XServer is less than 15,000 yen per year, including annual domain renewal fees. You will need to update the program yourself.

We are happy to be the one you feel benefits from our services. Many customers say that it is easier to ask questions when they contract with us, but we can answer all questions immediately if we have delivered the website, so we try to answer questions by e-mail or by phone for free. If you have a direct contract with the server company, we will charge you 5,000 yen per hour to make the necessary adjustments, since we do not have access to the server's administration screen.

We would be happy to accommodate your needs.

How much does a website cost to create?

It's a pinch. It depends on how much quality you want. We suggest 360,000 yen for a typical company website and 720,000 yen for a website including a shopping site.

We also try to keep our clients informed of the process as much as possible during the first three months after creation, a period during which we are available for questions and to show them how to update their programs. After that, we will update the internal program for one year. After the next year, we give the client the choice of managing everything themselves or having us do the minimum updates.

Difference between a website and an application?

Since around 2020, the boundary between websites and applications has become blurred. Previously, websites were created on the assumption that they would be viewed on a computer, but since the iPhone was launched in 2007, more and more people have been viewing websites on smartphones, including iPhones and Android smartphones, collectively known as smartphones, and with the spread of social networking services such as Instagram, and the 2019 As of 2022, websites can be linked to the functions of smartphone apps to the extent that they can be called web apps.

For example, this page has four icons at the bottom, and when you tap them with your smartphone, you can now use it to navigate or make a phone call. In the next 10 years, anyone young enough to graduate from junior high school will be able to create such web applications. At the very least, I think it would be useful to have map and phone functions.

We, too, propose a website like an application that includes such useful functions.

If I create a website, will it always be open for business?

Unfortunately, the answer is "no." The number of homepages continues to grow around the world, now totaling 1.3 billion when Facebook and other pages are included, and 100 million pages in Japan. We now have to create and manage them with an eye to how to get them found well by search engines such as Google.

Can I advertise something for free without a website?

Yes, we can. You can do it; as of July 2022, the most effective way to advertise is on Google Maps; if we can find your company's name when searching on GoogelMap, Google has already automatically registered it, so we will register as the owner of that page and edit it.

Particularly useful is the ability to register images. If you are a store that sells goods, you can register pictures of your products; if you are a store that provides services, you can register pictures of your services. Owners can register as many pictures as they like.

This is currently our free and most effective web sales force. It is truly our #4 hitter salesman who works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without a break.

Can we use our website or GoogleMap page for our own company?

Yes, we do. This is the most important concept and attitude that we will utilize in our own company.


This is because it is effective to create and operate the Web in terms of reducing the burden on existing employees.

Clerk: Please search for "****" on your phone and look. You will also find a map.
Clerk: Tap "Route Information" next to the phone.
Customer: Wow...

As a result, employees will have less time to respond. Time is money.

In Japan, 90% of people up to age 70 are now smartphone users. There is no way to avoid using them.

Is your website WordPress?

Yes, we have been using WordPress since 2007. We have been building and delivering websites with WordPress since 2007, and so far, WordPress is the only choice. It is reasonable and flexible, and it is said that half of the websites in the world are made by WordPress.

iCloudは、米国および他の国々で登録されたApple Inc.の商標です。
Google G suiteは、米国および他の国々で登録されたGoogle inc.の商標です。
Microsoftは、米国および他の国々で登録されたMicrosoft Corporation.の商標です。
Dropboxは、米国および他の国々で登録されたDropbox, Inc.の商標です。

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