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First of all, when you have a problem, we recommend that you search for the trouble on Google. For example, if you search for "model number not powering on," you can often find posts by people who are having similar problems. Also, if you see an error message, you can usually solve most of your problems by searching Google for the error message. We will try to find a hint to solve the problem in this way.

If you find something and want to try it by yourself, you can watch the replacement method on YouTube and if you think you can do it, order the parts from Amazon and try it by yourself. Seeing is believing, and the power of YouTube is wonderful. Once you can do it, you can apply it to anything, and you surely don't need a computer repair shop anymore.

We don't always have spare parts in stock. We try to guess from the condition we hear from our customers and decide whether we recommend replacing the part or buying a new one.

We may be able to give you a hint if you call us and tell us about the situation. You don't have to call us, but we'd appreciate it if you could let us know if you successfully resolved the problem, even if it's just a Google Map review. All we want to know is what happened afterwards. We want to know what happened afterwards.

Point of FailureFees and Description
Does not start/will not turn onIf the year of use is more than 5 years, replacement is recommended
Computer is slowIf the storage device is HDD, SSD replacement is recommended. Replacement cost: 19,800 yen SSD: 8,000 yen and up
Short battery lifeBattery replacement Replacement cost: from 5,000 yen Battery: from 5,000 yen
Computer is noisyInternal cleaning fee: 5,000 yen
Data transfer to new computerComputer setup and data migration: 26,000 yen, time to complete varies depending on the amount of data
Other computer adjustmentsOther software adjustments and other services are available for 5,000 yen per hour

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