Data is a valuable asset

In 2001, we were registered in the data restoration category of Yahoo Japan, and we responded to requests from all over Japan by courier or by bringing in our products.

Perhaps some Excel or Word files can be done if you can think of a way, but the loss of your photos and other memory data can be very stressful. Please feel free to contact us.

Difference between professionals and amateurs

We have been in the data recovery business since 1998, and if there is a difference between a data recovery company and the average computer enthusiast, it is that we make a copy of the data and try to recover various things on that copy. The data recovery company has a lot of hardware assets necessary for recovery. We will use our extensive hardware assets to proceed.

We copy the damaged HDD sector by sector to another HDD of the same size, make another copy from there, and proceed with the recovery by performing software repair on that HDD. Data recovery storage devices brought to us are often in a very naive state and cannot be copied a second time. In such cases, the first time you turn on the device is your only chance.

We will continue to maintain new technology and old assets to serve you in the future.

HDD SizeFees and Description
HDD Drive33,000 yen per piece, per project, regardless of size
SSD Drive33,000 yen per piece, per project, regardless of size
USB memory stick33,000 yen per piece, per project, regardless of size
RAID Drive HDDRestoration is not accepted                        

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